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Each of my offerings is centred in Clarity and Feedom. I use a combination of evidence-based methods, ancient teachings and spiritual guidance to hold space for your healing and transformation.

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soul led offerings...


Inclusion is at the heart of Soulful Living, and I’m passionate about sharing the work I do with as many people as possible. I am available to speak or host workshops at all kinds of events, retreats, and offer corporate classes.

Wellness in the workplace is more important than ever. Having worked in a busy corporate environment in London, I’ve experienced the pressures firsthand.

Studies have shown that employees who have access to yoga and meditation classes report lower levels of stress and anxiety. The practical techniques I teach can be practised independently as a way to support ongoing mental health.

I am a fully trained yoga teacher and meditation practitioner and am available to provide sessions that are suitable for a corporate environment, in an ongoing or one-off capacity.

Oracle & Tarot Reading

Card readings have the power to shed light on our lives and empower us to discover our authentic selves. They can reveal divine insights that help us identify and overcome obstacles, connecting us to our soul purpose.

Whether you need clarity on a specific area in your life or simply crave some general direction, the cards can reveal a higher perspective about what’s going on in your life right now and what is coming up in the future.

To recieve a reading, let me know what you would like me to explore for you. I will read the cards and send you a report with the findings and insights I receive.

Group teaching
I can provide tailored yoga and meditation classes for many different types of groups.

Sports teams find it beneficial to work on stretching and mobility exercises to support their recovery and performance. Teens & Young Adults benefit from the movement and meditation techniques taught in yoga to help deal with school pressures. Groups of friends may wish to book a session to celebrate a life event. I’m happy to share my knowledge and techniques with people of all ages and abilities.

Get in touch if you have any ideas or queries about how I could support you.


The opportunity to work with Georgia presented itself to me at a time when I really needed it, a true gift that the universe put her in my path! It was at a time when I was really struggling with my self-belief & self-trust, and together Georgia helped me to completely turn that around over the course of the 10 weeks we spent together.


I have had three or four card readings with Georgia now, each time was more amazing than the last! It's such a lovely uplifting experience and always leaves me feeling like I'm going in the right direction. Georgia reminds you to trust yourself, your ideas, dreams and passions.


Had an incredibly relaxing session with Georgia. Her explanations were 10/10 and corrections were personalised and appropriate without being condescending. Oversall she had a very relaxing and engaging energy. Would definitely recommend.

Words from My clients