Georgia Pitfield

Soulful Living is about the reclamation of the soul. Reconnecting to who we really are, stripped away from societal and cultural limitations. It’s a realisation that we are all connected to source, to a world that is bigger and more beautiful than we can comprehend.

The woman behind the healing

My Story

how i turned my passion for a better life into a business

My journey to Soulful Living was born out of struggle
Starting at a young age, anxiety and depression crept into my life and I experienced some very difficult times. One day someone gave me a book that would change my outlook on life and make me think differently about everything - The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It lit a fire inside me and I began to learn everything I could about meditation and the Law of Attraction.

This knowledge was empowering and liberating - the power to heal and change is within us all.

Movement & meditation is medicine for the soul
With a new sense of self, I began learning more about how the mind and body work together. I turned to meditation to help find inner peace and clarity, but I also found a new sense of freedom and a reconnection with my true identity.

As my personal meditation practice grew, I started looking at other ways to help myself. I had tried different yoga classes, but it wasn’t until I stumbled upon a slow flow & yoga nidra class close to where I lived in London, that everything changed. For that one hour, I could be myself - a truer version of myself who I didn’t quite know yet.

I knew then that I wanted to change my life, so I made the scary yet exciting decision to quit my job in digital marketing in London and moved to a small village in Co. Monaghan, Ireland. I was on a new path of learning and exploration.

Knowledge is power
I was always fascinated with human behaviour and studied Sociology at University. My mind was curious yet critical - the emerging science around manifestation, energetic frequencies and other healing modalities fascinated me too. I took a deep dive into learning everything I could about them and practised applying the techniques to my own life. The impact was profound, and led to me completing three Life Coaching certifications that integrate spirituality with psychological theory to help spark transformation in others.

It wasn’t long before I was drawn to the philosophical and spiritual side of yoga too, and the connection between mind, body and breath. I decided to sign up for a 200-hour YTT in Portugal, a decision that would change my life. I fully immersed myself in yoga, living off-grid in a teepee with no distractions.

It was challenging both physically and emotionally. What started as a personal journey turned into a passion that I wanted to share.

My journey into meditation and movement has had a profound effect on how I feel about myself. I had struggled with body image issues, but yoga lets me love and appreciate my body more deeply and wholly.

My passion is only growing stronger
Since then I have completed many more hours of training in other healing techniques such as Yoga Nidra, astrology, and cacao ceremony facilitation. I have begun to truly embody what I call Soulful Living.

I’m dedicated to holding space
My life has been close to falling apart. I have hit many rock bottoms. But through yoga, meditation and spiritual practices I have been able to put myself back together and feel more whole than ever before. I have witnessed the power of movement and meditation to bring healing, solace, and personal freedom to myself and others.

As I continue on my journey, I’m learning more about ancestral healing, connecting to the divine feminine, and the healing power of nature. I’m excited to continue sharing my knowledge.

My Education

BSc (Econ) Sociology - Cardiff University
Certified Life Coach - The Clique Academy
Certified Self-Love Coach - The Clique Academy
ICF Coach with Confidence - The Clique Academy
Certified Meditation Practitioner - The Priority Academy
RYT 200 Hatha & Vinyasa - Off Grid Yoga School, Portugal

Yoga Alliance Continued Education
Yoga Nidra - The Shala, London
Sacred Birth Pre & Post Natal Journeys…. Coming Soon


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my core

Everyone has the right to experience a life of true freedom and happiness. Everyone holds the power within to make this happen.

By listening to the heart and honouring the soul’s desires, we can experience the magic of empowerment, joy & freedom.

Reconnection with the true self to live free of fears, societal pressures and desires that were never ours.

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